Taliban warns US to be prepared for ‘serious consequences’ if August 31 deadline extended.

The Taliban, which held onto power in Afghanistan on August 15, have cautioned that the United States will endure “genuine results” in case of an augmentation past August 31 on the stay of American soldiers in the conflict torn country, as indicated by Hindustan Times’ sister distribution Live Hindustan. The advancement comes after US president Joe Biden, on Sunday, educated regarding conversations inside his organization of perhaps expanding the cutoff time of the withdrawal of the US powers past August 31.

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As per Live Hindustan, the Islamist system is treating August 31, which was reported by Biden recently, as the “last” date by which all American soldiers conveyed in Afghanistan will have been removed. Notwithstanding, the US president, who has confronted serious analysis over the following disarray, is thinking about stretching out the cutoff time to work with clearing missions from the Kabul air terminal, which, since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, has been crowded by Afghans frantic to leave their country.

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Additionally, at a crisis meeting of the G7 assembled by British head administrator Boris Johnson on Tuesday, the UK is probably going to encourage the US to expand the cutoff time.

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The Taliban’s “cautioning” to the US can be connected to past reports that asserted that the fanatics won’t declare a new “government” till August 31 according to an “arrangement” with the Biden organization. The agitators caught Kabul last Sunday in the midst of the continuous withdrawal of the American warriors from Afghanistan, subsequently holding onto power for the subsequent time. Prior, they administered from 1996-2001 yet were then crushed by the US-drove troops who showed up here after the 9/11 assaults. From that point forward, the Americans have been in Afghanistan for almost twenty years.

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