Rahul: Got maximum penalty for defamation

New Delhi, June 1

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said his disqualification from the Lok Sabha following his conviction in a defamation case was unexpected, but it has given him a “huge opportunity”.

“I am the first person to be given the maximum sentence for defamation and maximum sentence to get disqualified (from the Lok Sabha). I didn’t imagine that something like this was possible,” he said at an event at Stanford University, US, on Wednesday.

“But then I think it’s actually given me a huge opportunity, a much bigger opportunity (than) I would have (had) in Parliament. That is the way politics works,” he continued.

Gandhi also addressed the issue of Opposition parties around the world, seeking international support for their cause.

“I’m not seeking support from anyone or anybody. I am very clear that our fight is our fight,” he said.

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