Rahul Gandhi submits list of farmers who died during agitation in Lok Sabha

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday submitted in the Lok Sabha a rundown of ranchers who passed on during the homestead laws unsettling.

Talking during Zero Hour, Gandhi, who had likewise given a dismissal movement notice in Lok Sabha looking for remuneration for the groups of ranchers who passed on during ranch laws fight, said in excess of 700 ranchers kicked the bucket, in any case, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar let the Parliament know that “he had no record of the passings”.

“Just about 700 ranchers were martyred. The Prime Minister acknowledged his mix-up when he was sorry for making against agribusiness law. The Punjab government has given pay to the groups of the individuals who were killed. Along these lines, what I need to say is that here are the names of every one of the people who kicked the bucket in the disturbance and that they ought to be given their due since the Prime Minister has additionally conceded his slip-up,” Gandhi said.

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He let the House know that the Congress government in Punjab had paid Rs 5 lakh remuneration each to the groups of 403 expired ranchers in the state, and gave occupations to 152 of their family members.

Notwithstanding the rundown of 403 perished ranchers from Punjab, Gandhi said he was likewise giving names of those from places outside Punjab, including Haryana, gathered from freely available reports.

“The Prime Minister himself has said that he has committed an error. He has apologized to the country. All things considered, because of that error, 700 ranchers have kicked the bucket,” he said.

Prior as well, Gandhi had hammered the Center for asserting that there is “no record” of the ranchers who had kicked the bucket in the fights.

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The public authority in an answer to Parliament had said that it had not monitored ranchers who lost their lives in the fomentation against the homestead laws and henceforth the subject of remuneration didn’t emerge.

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