New Gujarat ministers to take oath today.

New pastors of the Bhupendra Patel-drove government in Gujarat will make vow on Thursday at the Raj Bhavan in Gandhinagar.

The function was deferred on Wednesday after “upset sitting priests, who were to be dropped to deal with the counter incumbency factor”, protested the move. Observable among those liable to be dropped incorporate Deputy boss clergyman Nitin Patel.

Among those prone to be drafted incorporate previous Gujarat BJP boss, Jitubhai Vaghani. Additionally get together speaker Rajendra Trivedi liable to enlisted into the Bhupendra Patel bureau. Politically significat Saurashtra area expected to get greatest compartments in the bureau.

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Sources say Chief Minister Patel is drafting 25 pastors in his Cabinet. Clearly, the buzz that few old countenances were being dropped to clear a path for new faces to thump the counter incumbency factor caused a lot of indigestion among old folks.

Prior, the swearing-in function was booked to be hung on Wednesday. As per reports, even the banners at the Raj Bhavan had referenced September 15 as the date for the service. Be that as it may, they were brought down Wednesday evening.

BJP’s Gujarat in-control Bhupender Yadav has been holding long distance race gatherings in Gandhinagar to settle the names in the new Cabinet, which is being reshuffled in the home province of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.

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