Lord Buddha inspiration for India’s Constitution even today: PM Narendra Modi

Lord Buddha is the motivation for India’s Constitution even today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday.

Tending to a get-together at the Abhidhamma Day program here, he likewise declared that the ‘dhamma chakra’ on the Tricolor is the main impetus for the country.

The day represents the finish of the three-month stormy retreat – ‘varshavaas’ or ‘vassa’ – during which Buddhist priests stay in a religious community to implore and reflect.

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“Indeed, even today, when somebody enters Parliament (of India), they see the mantra ‘Dharma Chakra Pravartaanye’,” the PM, who initiated another global air terminal here, said while contemporising the message of the Buddha.

“Buddha is worldwide in light of the fact that he discusses beginning from the inside. Master Buddha’s Buddhatatva is the feeling of extreme obligation,” Narendra Modi added.

“Today, when the world discussions about environment protection and communicates worry over environmental change many inquiries come up. Be that as it may, assuming we take on the message of Buddha, the way of what must be done, rather than who needs to do it, will be noticeable,” he said.

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Kushinagar, around 320 km from the state capital Lucknow, is the last resting spot of the Buddha. This is the place where he achieved Mahaparinirvana after his passing.

The initiation of the Kushinagar International Airport was set apart by the arrival of a departure from the Sri Lankan capital Colombo bringing a Sri Lankan assignment of more than 100 Buddhist priests and dignitaries. PTI

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