EAM raises security of envoys with Britain

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Jakarta. They had a meeting during ASEAN-related discussions. The meeting is important because he talked about the safety of Indian diplomats in the UK. The MEA criticized the European Parliament resolution on Manipur, saying it shows a colonial mindset. The European Parliament talked about human rights in India, focusing on the fights in Manipur. Jaishankar also met with the South Korean foreign minister, Park Jin, to talk about important minerals and advanced technology. He improved the protection of Indian diplomats along with Cleverly days after NSA Ajit Doval requested his British counterpart Tim Barrow to take decisive action like deporting against extremist groups that threaten Indian High Commission officers in the UK. With Lavrov, Jaishankar talked about economic matters between the two countries and issues related to the conflict in Ukraine. India is now buying a lot of oil from Russia, but they haven’t decided with Russia on what to do with the rupees they have collected because of western sanctions. India wants to use the rupees to improve its infrastructure or invest in government bonds, while Moscow wants the money to be returned to its home country before making any decisions on how to use it. Moscow is worried about the increasing military agreements between the US and South Block, as well as South Block’s increasing involvement with Ukraine. Please rewrite the text you want me to simplify.

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