Actress Mona Singh talks about her role in Prime Video series ‘Made in Heaven 2’ and her debut show

Mona, let’s make Bulbul amazing’. These were Zoya Akhtar’s words to Mona Singh before they started filming for Made in Heaven 2. Mona Singh said that she portrayed the character of a brave and powerful feminist mother just as Zoya Akhtar wanted. Bulbul Johari is an accountant who has been assigned the job of handling a struggling wedding planning agency. She is married to a mysterious businessman played by Vijay Raaz. In the second season of Made in Heaven, Bulbul changes from being seen as loud and aggressive to a woman who understands others and is not afraid. Mona said that all she had to do was learn the script and make her character Bulbul amazing. She also said that her first TV show Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi was a dream come true and was very successful. She has been working in the industry for 20 years since 2003. My parents said, ‘You can move to Mumbai when you have something definite. ‘ I used to travel from Pune to Mumbai by bus every day to audition, and then I would wait for phone calls. Then, suddenly Jassi became very famous and popular. “I had a very successful debut at that time,” she said. “Has Bulbul’s popularity resulted in more job opportunities. ” She said it is too early to determine the impact, but her colleagues and filmmakers have responded positively so far. Rewrite this text in simple words:
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